Github Actions in Practice

Review of the GitHub Actions beta

BitBucket has held my repos for years, primarily due to their free unlimited private repos, and more recently, their excellent CI offering. On the whole, I prefer GitHub's user experience, so you can imagine my excitement to see GitHub's announcement of free unlimited private repos, and a platform-native option for automation. Here are some of my initial thoughts after exploring the beta of GitHub Actions a bit. My review frequently uses Bitbucket Pipelines as a point of reference, since it's one of the largest competing offerings. [Read More]

Onboarding Checklist

Give new team members a head start

This checklist is primarily oriented towards bringing new programmers to existing development team. Before First Day Prepare work One of the hardest things to do as a new team member is spotting opportunities for work in your codebase. Unless your project is open source, this is likely the first time they've seen your code. Don't turn them loose under the guise of “improving documentation” or “orienting themselves” but provide clearly defined tasks. [Read More]

Automate Hugo

Continuously deploy Hugo to S3 with Bitbucket Pipelines

Spend your time doing things that matter, automate everything else. This brief guide will take about 10-15 minutes if you're reasonably familiar with AWS and Bitbucket. At the end of the guide, your Hugo site will automatically build and deploy to S3 after you commit. If you haven't used Bitbucket Pipelines, check it out. It's a continuous deployment service with a pretty reasonable free tier. Thankfully, Pipelines configuration is code-based, which really speeds up our setup process. [Read More]